Berlin, Görlitzer Park 2018
ƒ/13 @1/500 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash


For me this was not an easy picture to make. It was made just outside Görlitzer Park, Berlin, one of Berlin’s more “colourful” green spaces. Anyone who lives in this part of Berlin will appreciate the exotic quality of the local area. In my experience I have always felt safe making pictures around there. This day was the only time I have been mocked by one of the resident art critics and since I moved to this city.

In my minds eye I have many, many pictures that are all amazing. My ability to realise them however is something that needs a lot of work and a more grounded in reality approach. I have wanted to make a picture like this for many years but always seem to miss out on the experience. I couldn’t believe my good fortune in witnessing this. Of course if I am seeing it, I need to be ready with my camera. I wasn’t. The draft which quite literally exploded the blossom off the tree was created by a high sided lorry. This is a busy Berlin road so I knew there would be another lorry. “Please let there be another lorry!?”
I had to stand wedged between two parked cars, holding my camera equipment above my head, for the best part of an hour. My arms and neck were aching. I was looking along the street in both directions for a lorry. I waited and waited but there was nothing. Not a gust of wind, either man made or natural, to lift the blossom off the trees. Just at that point when I started to doubt my sanity the gust came in the shape of an IKEA delivery lorry. I made three pictures and went home whistling.
This was a good day.