Bonn,Botanische Gärten der Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, 2018
ƒ/16.0 @1/2000 ISO:100 Daylight & Flash

Botanical gardens are, for me, a real challenge to make a picture in. There is always something intruding into the picture in the shape of a plant frame, information label or people. To make a successful picture that I want to print is often hard work.

This picture is really down to the kindness of one of the botanical garden staff who messaged me on Instagram to say the flower head had opened. I had made a picture of the same flower the day before, A Lotus Flower in Black & White I. I really enjoy talking to people about what I am doing, it doesn’t disturb the seeing process, it enhances it. It is a positive experience and I remember the conversations.

These are pictures made in shared green spaces. It is part of the emotional gift of these spaces that you can appreciate them with others. I often show anyone who asks a picture on my smart phone. The staff at the botanical garden loved my results. Several of them followed me on social media as a result of our conversations. This is another of those waiting, looking, thinking, pictures. I find my concentration can really wander and I think of all sorts of irrelevant ( to the picture) topics. Once I am really concentrating I am completely in the moment. My mind settles onto the subject matter, the camera, light, movement, noise. There are a few key relationships I look for when composing a picture. Available light is very important, as are the clouds. Clouds are the back drop of my theatrical stage sets when making these pictures. For me the clouds complete the drama. Motion is another key element. The wind over this Lotus flower opened up the whole composition for me.

It breaths.