Regents Park, London
ƒ/11.0 @1/1000 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash (on, fired)

I have been walking past this tree for years. Suddenly I see, then make a picture. Not just one photograph but three. Each one of them a picture I have printed and exhibited. In this moment, in this short space of time I was obsessed about the relationship between the foreground grasses and the willow. They complimented each other. They moved in the wind together. The grasses responding to the influence of the wind more vigorously than the tree. Everything was in movement. Including myself. I danced around as I made this. Pretty bloody excited. This result is exactly as I saw this scene. I wasn’t sure if I had the technical ability to pull it out of the hat. It was a lot simpler than

Willow trees feature constantly in my work. They are known as pathfinder species and often are planted in cities along water ways, canals rivers or around ponds and lakes. This magnificent example is by the lake inside the road which is called the Inner Circle that forms the circumference for Queens Mary’s Gardens, Regents Park, London. I was standing on a little island called the Japanese Garden Island looking at the grass and then I noticed the tree in the background. I nearly fell over in my excitement. The ducks had left quite a few deposits on the floor and it was slippery underfoot. I was also pretty excited.