Volkspark Hasenhiede, Berlin
ƒ/14 @1/500 ISO:400 Daylight & Flash (on, fired)

Nearly all of the learning I have done since school has been reading when I have been commissioned to teach something for a museum of another form cultural institution. The commission to teach a course on 20th century photography for Christie’s Education had me reaching for a book that I had read when I was an art student but I didn’t understand it. Susan Sontag’s On Photography is one of the best books I have read to date on any form of visual culture. I am one of those intellectual light weights who nearly always agree with the last opinion I have encountered. If what I am reading makes me feel uncomfortable then the learning for me, is all the stronger. Her book on photography, without a single picture, is like reading psychotherapy. Wow. I did not know it was possible to write about art like that. At times squirmingly discomforting, it is for this reader, true to the last comma.

I have wanted to experiment with my technique in snow conditions for a while now. This light dusting of snow was a rare opportunity here in Berlin. I learned two things almost immediately. There are really strong cast shadows on the snow from the flash and the snow also acts as a reflector to project the light back towards me. Obvious really but I had to have the experience to learn this for myself.

I was entranced by the mystical lighting and can remember laughing to myself when viewing this file on a big screen for the first time.