Berlin, Treptower Park, 2018
ƒ/16 @1/500 ISO:800 Daylight & Flash (on, fired)

This picture was made in a Soviet War Memorial in Berlin. I knew I had a picture when I saw the cloud cover lifting to create a soft texture behind the tree. There was a sizeable crowd of Russian tourists visiting at the same time. Their tour guide wanted to know “Why are you flashing at trees?” I couldn’t make myself understood in German or English so I showed her this picture on the LCD screen. She smiled at what I thought was creative comprehension and turned to her group and explained, at which pint they all laughed. Sh then turned back to me and said ”Oh. You are an idiot!”

The anecdotes or the “conversations” I have had while out and about and this is part of the enduring pleasure of making these pictures for me. Each time I view them I recall almost everything about how I felt while making it. Not just the physicality of the clothes to insulate against the cold, trying to operate the
camera wearing gloves, the available light, my battery life, for instance but what I was feeling. The collision of worlds can be amusing and I have had my fair share but that is just a detail. The memory of being present in the NOW is what I am recalling. That blossom, that cold, that tree become the very focus
of my existence for the time we are in each others company. Then I leave and will never have that moment again. I will always have others but never that. In this case a cold late afternoon in the last few days before Christmas.