Portsdown Hill, Hampshire, UK
ƒ/11.0 @1/1000 ISO:100 Daylight & Flash (on, fired)

How often do we look at a picture and remember ourselves in the moment of making it. I remember this picture as clearly as if I made it today. Firstly, Porstdown Hill is over on the north side of the downland close to where my parents were born in the beautiful county of Hampshire and a walk away from the estate were they both grew up and met each other, Paulsgrove. I have a very vivid of going mushrooming here with my grandfather and father when we were visiting and I was very young. Going “Over the Down” was always an event.

On this day I persuaded my father to pull the car over as we were driving over to the pub in the village were he was born for lunch. I had noticed the vivid green of the Barley and was keen to make a picture. It was a real struggle to get into the field to I already had set up my camera kit in the car so I had both hands occupied as I tried to scramble up a steep embankment from the sunken lane to
the field. I nearly fell over trying to get up that embankment but I could hear the wind through the barley swaying barley with the silhouetted tree. Puffing and panting, I encountered this picture opportunity. It is the heart of Englandshire for me.

The flash has picked out the vividness of the green and the softness of the ears. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more from this picture.

We are a sum of parts and the memories of my family are in these Hampshire pictures in particular.