Berlin, Botanischer Gärten und Botanisches Museum 2019
ƒ8 @1/2000 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash

Alles Liebe aus dem Baumhaus

This is picture I made and then overlooked in favour of two others from the same day. I don’t make many photographs when I am out and about. I have a self imposed restriction of 36 frames, for any given subject. It helps me to really think about what I am trying to achieve. Of course this varies from time to time as the available light can change so rapidly. On a few occasions it’s like standing in front of a painting you have always wanted to see but it is in an overseas museum. It is really hard to leave in case you never see it again. This was one of those occasions. Two of the other pictures from the same virtual roll of film have been printed and exhibited. This file I had overlooked. I feel confident in my decision making and no longer get paralysed by indecision over
this file or the other. I was pleasantly surprised when visiting my files during the 2020 quarantine period that this jumped out at me. I am delighted with it. It’s not better or either or, than the other pictures, it just is as good. It is now in my portfolio. A reminder that my thinking does not end with the picture making.

The Baumhaus, is our 3rd floor apartment in Berlin. It is a corner apartment, so lot of available light and is in the tree canopy. We have Linden Trees outside our windows. In spring, as they bud and then blossom, the scent is heavenly. Contact with family in the UK or elsewhere in Germany and Berlin is virtual. The age of the video call now signed off with „ Alles Liebe aus dem