Bonn,Botanische Gärten der Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, 2018
Leica Q: ƒ/16.0 @1/2000 ISO:100 Daylight & Flash (on, fired)

One of my favourite botanical gardens. This picture also represents the value of revisiting favoured locations. This was was third or forth visit and I felt that I was doing less scouting or exploring and more looking. This is also a waiting game picture. There are a few key relationships I look for when composing a photograph. Available light is very important, so are clouds. Clouds are the back drop of my theatrical stage sets when making these pictures. They are the painted stage for the drama. Motion is another key element. The wind over this solitary Lotus flower was so important. With my camera in one hand and the lighting boom in another, I stood for what felt like hours to make this one picture. During this time, I was approached by several members of staff who were very curious as to what on earth I was doing. these conversations always start in German, I have to respond in English. I don’t mind being disturbed and I do not find it intrusive. Some observers are kinder than others. Most are incredibly encouraging. A few have been abusive, to the point of threatening actual bodily violence.

On this occasion the members of staff loved my results. I stood waiting and waiting for the wind to lift the plant and for the clouds to be of visual interest. It feels that this was was time extremely valuably spent. Several members of staff followed me on Instagram and have messaged me to see if I am local, as there is something happening that I may be interested in? I ended up photographing this single flower over two days as I was informed on the following day that the bloom had opened fully and I should come and make a picture of it once again. It was so worth it. See AN AMERICAN LOTUS FLOWER IN COLOUR 1.