Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg 2020
ƒ/16 @1/1000 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash

One of the constants of making a photograph in a city is the other people. Any visual artist thatworks, En Plein Air, will know immediately what this means. Your studio is public and there is a constant to and fro of people passing through. Most of them give you no thought, a few, a very vocal
few, have opinions on what I am doing and a desire to share them. I am attracted to the green spaces in my city. It is a wonderful relief from the isolation of being at home. The pleasure of not looking at straight lines, a different kind of geometry. For me it is also the experience of listening to
the wind through the leaves, the song of the birds, putting a little distance between myself and the sound of an automobile. Every city has a park. A shared garden. In Berlin, as in London, our parks are full of people.

The above picture was made after a little breakthrough. On this day the photographs just seemed to fall into my lens. I was hungry to make a good picture and had my lucky photography hat on. I love it when I know I have made A Picture. one that will be printed, shared and play its part in my creative life. So many of them are just digital litter. There is a Gothic story feel to this picture for me. The gardens surrounding Schloss Charlottenburg are for me a great location. There is a small tree that
appears to have been cut back to a stump. This is the foreground detail. With the bareness of the large tree in the background against the overeats sky the story telling is complete.

Birdsong is everywhere in these parks. Sparrows, Tits and Finches. On this day I was accused of blinding birds with my flash as I photographed the trees. Vinkensport. Tittifir was a childhood name for small birds, which I thought was completely original until I happened across it in a BBC children’s TV programme.