London Brockwell Park 2017
ƒ/11.0 @1/400 ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash (on, fired) SOOC

One of my favourite subjects in Brockwell Park. I particularly enjoy over cast days from my style of photography, it delivers the dramatic, theatrical pictures I relish. On this day I practiced the tricky ting of just standing still and watching, giving myself time to think a picture through before I start to make anything. In the past I would have clicked away settling on “The Picture” once I was viewing the files on a large screen. I have trained myself to do this. If I stand still and look I obviously notice all sorts of things previously hidden. In this case it is obviously the wind lifting the leaves in a particular right to left motion, so our eye will naturally flow across the picture in the same direction. I had to slightly anticipate this gust by feeling the wind on my face and right hand, which was holding the camera. Ultimately, does it matter? Probably not but it gives me time to just slow down, think and not rely.

I loved the way that the wind was moving through the leaves on this tree. While lost in this moment as so often happens I am bought back to the present. A little Jack Russell, one of the many trotting through the park decide to come and sit right by me. It carried its squeaky toy over and was busy chewing on it, creating the oddest accompanying sound effect. This dog completely changed the moment, the reality. It was a reminder that this is how we live. In the present. I may view the picture retrospectively but if I encounter a picture on a wall in a gallery, no matter how old it is, I can only see it as contemporary.