Visual Artist, and Arts Educator

Grant is a practicing artist and curator currently specialising in photography, drawing and needle work. Based in Berlin, he has exhibited his work in the UK and Europe and is collected by Corporate and individual collectors.

Grant has over twenty years of teaching experience in Museums, Universities and at primary source locations for some of the most prestigious institutions and cultural tour organisations in the world. This love affair with learning has developed into a passionate advocacy of discursive learning and Grant now travels all over the world talking to other educators and museum professionals about his approaches to nontraditional learning environments. Grant was employed as an Artist Hisitogarpher by the Imperial War Museum (IWM) as the Informal Learning Manager through whom he became a Fellow in Holocaust Education for Yad Vashem Jerusalem, and worked with numerous NGOs based in the Middle East. For the IWM specialised in identity politics linked to the shared national story.

Grant is currently a visiting lecturer for the National Gallery, Central St Martins and Christie’s Education and numerous other museums and art galleries in which he also runs practical art sessions. Always relishing the concept that anyone can draw, he organises drawing events for the visually illiterate under the umbrella of “When did you teach yourself not to draw”.

Grant doesn’t have a website but has made a decision to publish reproductions of his work on social media which has led to 3 to 4 million visitors a year, and the opportunity to show his work the world over.

Grant’s current CV is here